Good Reviews For Kids

There’s no such thing as a bad good review, right? That is to say, when you get a good review, it’s a gift horse and you shouldn’t spend too much time inspecting its dental work. I’ve found that too many kid’s lit reviews, especially the positive ones, sound like sounds bites or back cover copy. I always appreciate it when a reviewer digs a little deeper.

That’s why I really like the reviews at Good Comics for Kids. Their reviewers often speak about their relationship with the work, so you can tell the reviews are written by real people. And their reviews tend to have a higher word count than most, so they can really get into the details.

Katherine Dacey recently reviewed Fish You Were Here for Good Comics For Kids. Bellow is a short excerpt, though recommend reading the whole review.

“Lerner recommends Fish You Were Here for readers aged seven to eleven and, judging by the vocabulary and syntax, that assessment seems right. Better still, the script manages to be funny and engaging without any objectionable content — a godsend for the librarian or teacher who’s looking for a funny, all-purpose book to recommend to elementary school readers. Recommended.”