Danielle’s “Realm of Darkness”

I invited designer Danielle Carnito to write a little something for TFCB Tuesday. Here are her thoughts about projects she’s designed for the TFCB imprint.

Something struck me like a killer rock from outer space the other day. I was looking back on single titles I’ve designed for TFCB in the past few years. Here’s a partial list:

–Mass Extinction
–Battling Malaria
–Osama bin Laden

Is the End of the World Near?
(coming to a bookshelf near you soon!)
Notice a theme? It seems most of the destructive and apocalyptic books here at Lerner Publishing Group land on my design project list. Maybe that’s just the way it has been and is and forever will be.

Is someone trying to tell me something? One esteemed colleague remarked that perhaps it’s my fatalistic attitude…I don’t actually know if said colleague was joking. Or maybe the large percentage of black (or absence of all color and light) in my wardrobe causes the darker-themed books to be sucked into my realm of darkness like objects caught in the super gravity of a black hole.

It’s not really always that dark in my area. On my lighter days I do temper the black with some gray.
But my TFCB design life is not all gloom! Is the End of the World Near? is more of a fun and entertaining look at many ways the end of the world can come about—completely sensational, within the realm of possibility, or not.  So it was a lighthearted book to read after Death.

This inspired me to break out of negative color mode and bring some brightness into the layout. Yellow and orange abound! Must have those colors, the world is going to end in a fiery explosion after all. This use of bright color may even be a new theme in my design life.

Guess which potentially destructive book topic is on my list for the next season of TFCB, and what color the recently approved cover is!

Don’t forget to check in next week for more from TFCB. We will eventually tell you more about Danielle’s upcoming TFCB destruction book!