To MeCAF and Back

Graphic Universe spent about 24 hours in Maine, which was enough time to breathe in the salt air, eat several wonderful meals, and spread the love of comics around, Johnny Appleseed style. We were in town for the the Maine Comics Arts Festival, a small but vibrant convention held on Portland’s scenic Casco Bay.

MeCAF started its programming on Sunday with a storytelling workshop lead by Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye author Colleen Venable. The workshop was absolutely packed with Guinea Pig fans of all ages. Since it’s a well established fact that Hamisher the hamster simply cannot draw unless he’s wearing a hat, Colleen made sure that her young students had hats to wear too.

Colleen wasn’t the only GU creator in attendance. Two illustrators from our upcoming Tricky Journeys lines were also there: Shelli Paroline and Zack Giallongo.

Shelli illustrated Tricky Fox tales,

and Zack illustrated Tricky Rabbit Tales. When asked which book she like best, editorial director Carol Burrell admitted “Shelli’s book is more foxy, but Zack’s book is more rabbity.”

MeCAF always attracts a large audience of children. This is no accident–organizer Rick Lowell, of Casablanca Comics, offers free admission to kids under 12. This year he invited Andy Runton, creator of the hits kids comic Owly, as a special guest. Graphic Universe’s line was a big hit among this crowd–they bought all the copies on Hamster and Cheese we brought, and the eagerly paged through our Twisted Journeys and Nola’s Word. MeCAF is our kind of convention, and we will certainly be back next year!