Sneak Peek

Big news, blog readers! For the past several months, my colleagues and I have been hard at work on a new brand of books for the Lerner imprint. It’s called Searchlight BooksTM, and the titles will be rolling out just in time for the fall ’11 school year. I couldn’t be more excited to give you a sneak peek at Searchlight today!

Aimed at third and fourth graders, Searchlight features clearly written, informational text with a respectful tone that also makes it perfect for differentiated instruction. The books sport a fresh, clean design and full-color pics with rounded corners that give the brand a browse-able, retro photo-album feel (see spread below). Subheadings make the books searchable for report writing and help break the text into digestible bits. In addition, you’ll find chapter-opening photo captions that include a thought-provoking question to help support inquiry-based learning.

Pages from Matter F

Fall ’11 will see the launch of three exciting Searchlight subsets, including What’s Amazing about Space?, How Do Simple Machines Work?, and How Does Energy Work? Be on the lookout for social studies subsets in future seasons. In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple covers from How Does Energy Work? Pretty eye-catching, no?

InvestigatingElectricity_C InvestigatingSound_C