image The world’s attention is focused on the news of the killing of Osama bin Laden. Below are links that offer more information about some of the things people are talking about and the questions they are asking:


The assault on the not-so-secret compound. How did it transpire?

What forces carried out the attack? Meet Team 6.

Were you up when President Obama announced the killing? I wasn’t. Here is the announcement on YouTube.

What are reactions around the world?

What is the reaction in Pakistan? The AlJazeera media outlet (English-language version) offers a window onto the Pakistani POV.

How did bin Laden avoid capture for so long?

How/where was bin Laden buried?

WikiLeaks and Twitter are part of how we know what we know. Learn more about the role of technology in this story.

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[photo credit: Osama bin Laden/Wikipedia]