Welcome Spring!

We had a brutal winter up here in the North. Snowstorm after snowstorm. So believe me when I tell you, I’m in the mood for SPRING!

With my mind on all things balmy and blossoming, I thought I’d show some love to a couple of my favorite Lightning Bolt BooksTM spring titles. Here goes.

The first title, Are You Ready for Spring?, makes me feel a little wistful. Look at those mud puddles.

5 (2)

That green grass.

17 (2)

Although the calendar says it’s spring, we’re not quite there yet in Minnesota as I write this … and I can’t wait!

No matter what the weather’s like in your parts, Are You Ready for Spring? makes a great introduction to the season. It includes info on plants and how they grow, the birth and development of baby animals, and the lengthening of days. Plus, there’s a special back matter section on chicks and how they hatch.

The second book, It’s Windy Today, brings to mind kite flying.

Windy (2)

The tinkling of wind chimes.

Windy2 (2)

It’s chock-full of details on wind and weather, including what causes wind, windy-day activities, windstorms and their effects, and harnessing wind power to make electricity. Author Kristin Sterling infuses the text with a lilting, almost poetic feel, which seems perfectly suited to the topic of our awesome natural world.

Lightning Bolt “spring books” FTW! And a very Happy Spring to all our blog readers.