Thinking about Food


I loved that everyone who went to Bologna this year came back talking about the food. There was a steak dish, with greens and shaved parmesan on top, that really caught everyone’s attention. I plan to make it as soon as it’s warm enough to grill on my deck.

I came back from my Paris vacation this year obsessed with poached fish. You can poach just about any type of fish (scallops, as in the photo above, or halibut, or tilapia, or salmon, or cod) in just about any kind of liquid (water, broth or stock, wine, even milk). It’s so fast, too. Just heat up the liquid (two cups or so) in a large frying pan and place your fish in the pan. Cook for a few minutes (five or less usually does it), and voila. Poached fish.

I served the scallops above over a bed of braised vegetables (carrots and fennel) with a drizzle of hollandaise sauce. (That’s easy too. Butter, egg yolks, and lemon juice cooked slowly together until thick.) Actually, the drizzle of hollandaise turned into way more than that, but that’s another story.

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[photo: courtesy of yours truly]