Evolution of a Cover Design

Working with Jane Brocket has been a treat. Her book Spiky, Slimy, Smooth: What Is Texture? came out this spring, and we have several more books planned. I first came across her writing and photographs on her blog, yarnstorm.

Jane provided a wonderful variety of photographs for Spiky, Slimy, Smooth, and when it came to the cover design, the hardest part was finding the best way to show them off. Here are some of designer Danielle Carnito’s initial designs.


This is interesting, but can we see enough of the photos? Is it too white?


Too many rectangles on this cover?

TexturesJacket_Page_4Not bad, but could the title pop more?

TexturesJacket_Page_5Ah, this is nice, but now the order of the words in the title doesn’t match the textures shown. And that title could probably be a little easier to read.

This is the final cover. I’d say it’s just right!