Don’t Think about Doughnuts Today

Yesterday’s New York Times had an article about children’s eating habits and what one Philadelphia school is doing to promote good nutrition. You can’t simply tell children what NOT to eat. If I tell you to think about not eating doughnuts, how much more will you be thinking about doughnuts this morning? (And in a spelling-related aside, I was tempted to go with the spelling donuts, but my trusty dictionary tells me that spelling is a variant of doughnuts.)

We released the Food Is CATegorical series this past fall in an effort to contribute positive messages about the food groups and physical activity. You can read what Brian P. Cleary has to say about the series here. And to take your mind off those doughnuts, here’s a stanza from Apples, Cherries, Red Raspberries: What Is in the Fruits Group?

Bananas are cool ’cause they’re packaged in peels. They’re equally good on desserts or with meals. Whether on cereal or with your lunch, this fruit’s sure to pack a potassium punch!