Arachnid World Week Day #5

It’s the final day of Arachnid World Week! Here’s one last behind the scenes look at Wolf Spiders: Mothers on Guard with author Sandra Markle:

Dr. George Uetz specializes in studying wolf spiders. One of the things that he’s researched is this spider’s vision. He said, “The ones whose vision we’ve measured have responded to something as far as 15 inches (40 centimeters) away. Since the spider’s body length is about 0.39 inch (1 cm), that means the spiders can see about forty times their body length. No one’s tested just how accurate their vision is, though.” Have a partner help you test how many of your body lengths away you can see something like a ball. Read to learn how male wolf spiders signal to let females see they’re mates and not prey.

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