What a Team: What a Book!

Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox are in the news again! The happy couple was sited on the Daily Squee

…and Booklist has praised their latest book!

What a Team!, by Brigitte Luciani and Eve Tharlet, will be reviewed in the February 15th issue of Booklist. Here’s what Francisca Goldsmith had to say:

“The engaging Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox graphic-novel series, about a blended forest family and four stepsiblings’ efforts to get along, continues to provide both age-appropriate complexity and sweet watercolor artwork. Although the lesson in this episode is the importance of working together over going it alone, the involving plot is not overshadowed by its moral: Bristle and his stepsister Ginger can’t agree on the best boat to build, so they compete—while Grub joins with friends in a group effort. Be sure to pick up the earlier volumes (The Meeting and A Hubbub, both 2010), as all will be popular.”

— Francisca Goldsmith

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