Throwback to Modernity

image I find it so intriguing that we’re finding creative ways to continue to do old-fashioned journalism and storytelling with twenty-first-century technology. Take a peak at The Atavist, a new boutique publishing house that is producing nonfiction pieces specifically for digital, mobile reading devices.

The works cross a variety of disciplines, and as digital creations, they offer text, photos, audio, and video. The stories can be purchased through for the Kindle or via the free Atavist app for iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch, and on the Nook. Readers can share the pieces and comment on them.

Check out Piano Demon (about a Chicago jazz musician) and Lifted (about a daring robbery) as early examples of offerings from Atavist. Let us know what you think of them.

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[photo of piano keyboard: Wikimedia Commons]