The Latest News from Angoulême

Graphic Universe’s editorial director, Carol Burell, just got back from the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angoulême (or Angoulême International Comics Festival as it’s known in English). Bande Dessinée, or BD, is the French term for comic.

The festival (now in its 37th year) is held annually in the town of Angoulême, located in southwestern France. It’s the largest comics festival in Europe, a region that is known for its high regard of the comics medium.

In addition to The ElseWhere Chronicles, Nola’s World, and Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox, Graphic Universe is seeking other exciting French language imports. While Carol was at Angoulême she sat on a panel titled “The Market and Opportunities for BD in UK and North America”, to discuss that very topic.

Mark Smylie, Calista Brill, and Carroll Burrell.
Photo from Forbidden Planet International

Forbidden Planet International provided this great report of the panel on their blog.

Carol will provide a full report next week. Till then, whet your appetite with these photos she took.

2 thoughts on “The Latest News from Angoulême

  1. Carol MS Burrell

    Ben, en anglais pour la presentation, mais apres quelques jours, quelquefois en francais.

    Of course, most of what I was saying was “oops, desolee” and a lot of “pardon! excusez-moi!” trying to get through the dense crowds or around the occasional fire-breathing street performer. But it took me at least two days after leaving the country to remember English syntax 🙂

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