Amazing Arachnids

If you’re looking for high ick factor, look no farther than Arachnid World, a new Lerner series by Sandra Markle. The series includes titles on orb weavers, who weave extra-strong webs; black widows, whose bite can take out their enemies; and wolf spiders, who carry their babies around on their backs.
I’ll focus here on the one title that really curdled my custard, Ticks: Dangerous Hitchhikers. Ticks_C
I’d heard about ticks, of course. I even knew someone who’d contracted Lyme disease. But I’d never seen them close up, and I never knew how they spread the diseases they carry. After reviewing this book, I did.
The tick shown below is sucking in the blood of its host. In so doing, it transmits its saliva, which can also contain disease-carrying bacteria. That’s how people and animals get infected.
Yet, Sandy does an amazing job of sticking to the facts. While warning of the dangers of these parasites, she also calmly explains how the nasty critters mate, have young, mature, and go on infecting human and animal hosts.
I have to admit, I had to review this particular title in chunks. I just couldn’t stomach the close-ups all at once! Having said that, though, this is a fascinating read. Not only are there five other titles to enjoy, but Lerner eSource is offering free downloadable material, including the diagrams (below) in each book, for free.
Sandy is also making additional educational materials available on her wonderful blog. So if you have readers who want not only the ooh-aah factor but the ick factor as well, this is the series for you!