Save Everything! (and the Picture Book)

Picture books are imagination factories. With imagination, anything is possible. This year, let’s

Save Everything! (and the Picture Book)

By guest blogger Bridget Heos

Do you love picture books?

I should ask if you like sledding and, afterward, hot cocoa with marshmallows. Of course you do.

Now, how would you like to win picture books by reading picture books? And what if you could do that while sledding, juggling marshmallows, and downing a cup of hot cocoa?

You can. Though I recommend the latter only with extreme daring and coordination (and not with library books).

Kids, parents, teachers, and librarians, here’s how to participate:

  1. Visit
  2. Print the flyer.
  3. Follow the directions.
  4. Be entered to win picture books.

Repeat each month. You can also follow the contest on Facebook @Author Bridget Heos.

January reviews must be postmarked by Jan. 31. An exciting deadline! (I once broke my collarbone on a similarly dangerous deadline, or was it a sledding hill?) If you’re more of a planner, I suggest noting the blog address on your February calendar.

Now for some bullet points (because who doesn’t also love bullet points?):

  • More than 30 picture book authors and illustrators (listed on the blog,) and publishers have donated books to this cause. My agent Kelly Sonnack, the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and Kansas City kidlit folks were a big help getting the word out!
  • However, this is still a small contest, so you have a good chance of winning. Opening your prize at home or in class will be a big deal . . . with stickers and everything. Imagination Factories Delivered to Your Doorstep! Quality Time in a Box! Laughter! Learning!

With such promises, why do picture books even need promoting? Because everybody needs a nudge down the sled hill toward the things they love! This year, discover lots of new picture books. They await all ages and interests. And they go great with hot cocoa.

note: In addition to being a fan of picture books, Bridget Heos is also an author. Her first book with Millbrook, What to Expect When You’re Expecting Larvae: A Guide for Insect Parents (and Curious Kids) is out this spring.

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