Here Come the Cats!

By Sara Hoffmann
Senior Editor

Here at Lerner, we aim to please. So when we got the following email from author Sally Walker—er, from author Sally Walker’s very talented typing cats (yes, you read that right)—we just had to respond:

From: Sally Walker
Sent: Friday, August 21, 2009 10:29 AM
To: Hoffmann, Sara
Subject: Dogs, dogs, dogs

Dear Sara,

We just read your blog post about Lerner’s Best Dogs Ever series [“Going to the Dogs,” Friday, August 14, 2009]. Dogs are EVERYWHERE. How disgusting!! We trust that cats will get equal time??

Yours truly,
Ebony, Whisper, and Willow (famously pictured in The Vowel Family) Walker*

After reassuring Sally’s kitties that Lerner editors love cats, we immediately set about creating a feline-friendly series—one that would be every bit as great as Best Dogs Ever. (Or even better, if you ask Ebony, Whisper, and Willow.)

Now, it’s just possible that a cats series was in the back of our minds even before Sally’s cats emailed me. But hearing from these three literary felines certainly didn’t hurt the chances that said series would be published. And we made sure to include features that would do the trio proud.

90728113[1] The Best Cats Ever (cover pictured, left) features detailed personality profiles and histories of eight popular cat breeds. It includes information to help readers decide which breed is right for them. In addition, readers will find cat-care tips and plenty of too-cute, full-color photos of cats at rest and play.

If you know any cat lovers, this series is a must. It’s informative, adorable, and fun. Plus, it gets twelve paws up from Ebony, Whisper, and Willow!

*Many thanks to Sally, Ebony, Whisper, and Willow Walker for permission to share
this email on our blog.