GU Comics Day: The Mighty Thor(s)

Robyn Chapman,
NY Editorial Assistant

With the May premiere of Thor fast approaching, comic lovers are looking for good reading material. The School Library Journal compiled this handy list of titles staring this god of thunder.

Graphic Universe’s own Thor & Loki made the list. Here is what they had to say:

“Gr 3-8-Readers will appreciate the comic book–style illustrations and they’ll get more than their share of chuckles as they learn how brother gods Thor and Loki deal with adversity. Loki relies on wit and cunning while Thor uses strength and fear—both methods have their positives and negatives. A brief glossary, reading list, and index are included.”

If you’re like me, you might be a little hazy on your Thor facts. Here is some information that will raise your Thor IQ.

A 16th century depiction of Norse gods by Olaus Magnus (Thor is in the middle)

Thor is the Nose god of thunder, but did you know he’s also associated with oak trees, fertility and healing?

Thor’s hammer is called Mjöllnir, which means “crusher.” During the viking age it was popular to wear Mjöllnir pendants, in defiance of Christianization.

Did you know Thursday is named after Thor? In English, all the days of the week are named after gods.

So I wish you a happy Woden’s (better known as Odin) Day, and hope you have a happy Thor’s Day tomorrow!