Five Reasons Why the World Needs Proofreaders

By Sara Hoffmann
Senior Editor

1. Spotted on the packaging for some lounge socks I recently purchased: “They pamper your feet while lounging around and are great for travel.” Hmmm … so can I expect to find my lounge socks kicking back in my living room someday, sipping lemonade?

2. From a container of steel-cut oats in my pantry: “Remove from heat and allow to stand for one munute before serving.”

3. Title of an online article I came across the other week: “How to Save Money Everyday.” I’d never need money-saving tips if I had a nickel for every time I encountered an incorrect use of everyday!

4. Some advice in a local media outlet’s story on healthful eating: “Don’t do dips. Their fattening.”

5. Marking the express lane of pretty much every grocery store I frequent: “Ten items or less” signs. (These signs are a special pet peeve of mine, as I revealed in a previous post.)

See how important a good proofreader is? Props to Delores Barton, Lerner’s proofreader extraordinaire!