Coming in April: Maltese Mummy!

The second volume in the Chicagoland Detective Agency series, The Maltese Mummy, will be released in April. But you don’t have to wait till then to get the scoop on Megan, Raf and Bradley’s latest capper! Comicsgirl released this early review.

Here is some of what Comicsgirl had to say:

“Robbins is clearly having fun and her wit never talks down to this book’s target audience. Kids are appreciated for being savvy and smart. Maybe some of them won’t quite get the jokes that compares aging rock stars to mummies, but I still love that Robbins includes those sorts of things here.

Page’s art continues to be animated and playful. There isn’t as much action here as there was in the initial volume, but his sense of page layout and facial expression keeps the book moving. He has a great way of making otherwise static scenes of two people talking seem dynamic.”

Comicsgirl also pointed out that Sun D’ Arc (Megan’s favorite singer, who stars in this book) has a more than passing resemblance to real life band L’Arc en Ciel.

Good catch, Comicsgirl!

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