We have a winner!

Congratulations to Elizabeth from Hartland, Wisconsin! She has won our Lerner Books Blog contest and will receive three new Spring 11 series for her classroom.

Here is how Elizabeth says she uses Lerner books in her school:

How do my high school students use Lerner books? In my Creative Writing and Advanced Composition courses, everything the students complete is for a writing competition, publication or other authentic purpose. In order help the students perfect their writing skills and get their pieces ready for a publication or competition, we read Lerner books. In the books, we notice,learn and practice the parts of speech; the students observe your topics and your topic sentences to create their own topic sentences. We also use the books to develop writing prompts and vocabulary.

Over 90% of my students are seniors. Especially at this time of the year, my students are burned out, frustrated and itching for college.

However, I’ve seen Lerner have a positive impact on their learning and interest level. With a small budget, I have been unable to purchase more books that would support their learning and develop their writing skills. I am hoping you’ll pick my classroom to receive these books!

Within the past month (with the help of your books), several of my students have won national contests. Specifically, Sara Lauer, 17, wrote an essay nominating her favorite teacher, Trina Bower. This essay was selected as “The Best Teacher Ever” by Weekly Reader Magazine out of hundreds of submissions. Another student, Julia Mauer, had her vignette
published in Teen Ink (a national teen publication). I believe if I use more of your books, I will only reach more students and only have more students published!

I want to foster a passion for writing in all of my students. These books would help me reach all of my students (even those who are
resistant to writing).

Elizabeth now can pick one of the following packages for her school. For younger readers she can pick the package of three new series including Six Questions of American History, Powerful Medicine, and History Speaks: Picture Books Plus Reader’s Theater.

Or she can pick the package of new series for grades six and above which includes Ancient Technology, My Boyfriend Is a Monster, and the four inaugural YA books from our new Carolrhoda Lab™ imprint.

Congratulations to Elizabeth and happy holidays to all!

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