New Yorkers Love Guinea Pigs (Canadians Too!)

by Robyn Chapman
NY Editorial Assistant

Double praise this week for Hamster and Cheese! Volume one of the Guinea PIG, Pet Shop Private Eye series (by Colleen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue) just made the prestigious Children’s Book List 2010: 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing. This list is created annually by the New York Public Library. Hamster and Cheese is one of seven titles in their Graphic Books section.

“Younger fans will love this graphic caper,” the guide attests. Read the complete guide here.

Our neighbors to the north also shared their praise. Allison Taylor McBryde, of Canada’s North Shore News, is a fan of mysteries. She laments that there aren’t enough quality mysteries for younger readers, but Hamster and Cheese is an exception to this rule.

She writes “Kids deserve great mysteries too and they’re not always easy to find. Children’s authors can’t rely on body counts and gruesome forensic details to keep the suspense going….I absolutely love the new graphic novel mystery series Pet Shop Private Eye by Colleen Venable.”

Read the complete article here. Keep up the good work, Colleen and Stephanie!

One thought on “New Yorkers Love Guinea Pigs (Canadians Too!)

  1. Bridget Heos

    Yay for Guinea P.I.! My five year old insisted we read Hamster and Cheese next to our Guinea pig Furious' cage so that she could enjoy it, as well. Funnily enough, Furious did seem to be listening (though she probably had designs on eating the book!)

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