It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . . Oh, Never Mind

By Carol Hinz
Editorial Director, Millbrook Press

After the major snowstorm we had over the weekend, I’m having a hard time focusing on spring the way I did last week. The very roof of the Metrodome couldn’t hold up under the weight of all that snow. But it would take more than one of the largest snowfalls on record to shut down business here (though schoolchildren must be delighted to see that many schools are closed).

How can I take my mind off the snow and cold for a few moments today? I’m going to pay a visit to author Bridget Heos’s new website. She has written a very funny book for us this spring, and if you visit her bio, I think you’ll be as entertained as I am. I am pretty sure she’s the only author I’ve worked with who once threw a party for a caterpillar. (All the details—and a photo!—are on her website.)

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover of Bridget’s forthcoming book with us. There, don’t you feel warmer already?

Larvae cover

2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . . Oh, Never Mind

  1. Bridget Heos

    I was checking here to see if you all had survived the snow. (I guess that was a silly worry, since you northerners are a hearty lot!) Thanks for featuring my Web site and Stephane's amazing cover!

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