GU Comics Day: Hurrah for Guinea Pigs (and Koalas)! Kirkus announces its 2010 Best Children’s Books List

Here’s a happy occasion for GU Comics Day to return to the blog! Kirkus Book Reviews has announced their 2010 Best Children’s Books, and two Graphic Universe titles are on the list:

Hamster and Cheese


And Then There Were Gnomes

by Colleen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue.
There are of course many other great books on the list, including several fine graphic novels for kids. I encourage everyone to check the list and find more great reading.

The third book in the Guinea PI(G): Pet Shop Private Eye series, The Ferret’s a Foot, will be available in the spring.

Congratulations to Colleen and Steph, and hurrah for the ongoing adventures of Sasspants the guinea pig and her indefatigable koala hamster sidekick Hamisher.