Hockey on the Brain

Jon Fishman, our manager of reprints and paperbacks as well as our resident hockey fanatic, shares his excitement about a new hockey season and a new book.

With the start of the National Hockey League (NHL) season right around the corner, I’ve got pucks, body checks, and hat tricks on the brain. In much of the United States the weather is still warm near the end of September, but in hockey country fans are starting to think about lacing up the skates and hitting the ice. Or maybe grabbing a snack and heading for the couch to see the local team on television.8968 To get ready for the new season, check out Score! The Action and Artistry of Hockey’s Magnificent Moment by Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy. This book has all the slap shots, broken teeth, and kick saves any hockey fan could want. It also details some of the greatest goal-scoring moments in hockey history, like this one:

“Less than a minute into overtime, Bobby Orr took over. He passed to teammate Derek Sanderson deep in the St. Louis end. Then Orr cut toward the net. Sanderson immediately fed a pass back to Orr, who was in perfect position to fire a shot. In the blink of an eye, he stuffed the puck past St. Louis goalie Glenn Hall to win the Stanley Cup for Boston. As Orr lifted his arms in celebration, he left his feet and soared through the air like Superman. It was a goal—and a picture—no one will ever forget.”

Score! includes this amazing photo of Orr soaring “through the air like Superman” and many others (see below and click on image to enlarge). The book is also chock-full of images of hockey memorabilia. It includes a chapter about the origins of the sport, stats and highlights from more than 100 years of hockey history . . . well, you get the idea. Score! is pretty much the ultimate hockey book for longtime fans of the sport or for people looking for an introduction to the hottest game on ice. Score_p26 So get a copy of the book and then grab your skates and hit a frozen pond near you. Or warm up some cocoa and find a spot on the couch. Either way, it’s hockey season!