Favorite Words

By Sara Hoffmann
Senior Editor

Do you have any favorite words? They might be words that have a positive association in your mind. Or they might just be words you think are fun to say. I have a bunch of favorite words. Here are just a few of them.

Sluice: I’ve loved this word ever since I first encountered it in a book as a kid. The verb form particularly appeals to me (as in, “Rain sluiced down the streets on a stormy September evening”). Sluice has such a nice, clean, liquidy sound to it—which seems fitting, given its meaning.

Galumph: This word has a pleasant, rollicking feel. It’s the perfect way to describe how a loveable, somewhat clumsy dog might walk. Plus, it’s one of those words that’s fun to say. Try it: Galumph …. galumph … galumph. See what I mean?

Cerulean: Here’s a word with an almost dreamy quality. Its syllables roll right into one another. Cerulean also adds a touch of elegance to a sentence. Take this one, for example: “The crimson and ochre leaves swayed on their branches against a cerulean sky.” Dark blue just wouldn’t have had the same ring.

Mellifluous: This pretty word tends to crop up quite a bit in my writing. It’s much too nice an adjective not to use! I don’t think I’ve ever used it in a Lerner book, though. Alas, it’s just too tricky for most elementary-aged readers.

Onomatopoeia: Probably lots of kids get a kick out of this one when they learn it in English class. It’s a “25-cent word” that also trips right off the tongue. And so many great words are examples of onomatopoeia—like crackle, crunch, fizz, and flutter.

If you have any words you love, now’s your chance to share them. Go ahead—leave a comment. We like hearing from blog readers.

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  1. Jill

    Hi Sara!….As you know, I particularly like “galumph” as this is the word you always used to describe my dog! 🙂

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