Constitution Day

Today is Constitution Day, the anniversary of the day in 1787 when state delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia signed the final version of the U.S. Constitution.

In her book Who Wrote the U.S. Constitution? (part of the Six Questions of American History series), veteran author Candice Ransom tells the story of that long, hot, and often contentious summer of ‘87. And she captures its successful culmination:

On Monday, September 17, forty-two delegates were present. William Jackson … read aloud the final version of the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin gave a speech to James Wilson to read for him. Franklin did not like parts of the Constitution. But even with its faults, he doubted anyone could create a better system of government. He urged each man present to sign the Constitution.


So who was at the Convention? What were the issues debated and voted on? Why did three delegates refuse to sign the document? Where did George Washington sleep while in Philadelphia? Where did the delegates eat dinner and socialize? Check out Who Wrote the U.S. Constitution? to find out!