A reading! Tonight!


I’m bouncing around with excitement for Steve Brezenoff’s book launch party tonight. He’ll be reading from and signing The Absolute Value of –1 at legendary Minneapolis indie Magers & Quinn. This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of editing a local author (I know! Shocking!) so this is my first local launch.

Booklist recently said of |-1|:

At times raw with emotion ( Why didn’t anyone say, Your dad is going to die’? ), the story compellingly explores how teens connect with one another and how they view themselves. Many readers will relate to the feelings of isolation and lack of hope portrayed here. Edgy and gritty, Brezenoff’s YA debut reads like a cross between the screenplay for Cruel Intentions and some of Robert Cormier’s novels.”

And the Twittersphere has given Steve permission to read from some of the bluer bits of the book, so I’m not sure what more incentive one needs to come out for this thing. Come on down! Ask Steve questions in Yiddish. Make him explain what a one-hitter is  (I did. It was fun).