Summer Vacations

Living HereOne of the pleasures of my work is that I meet wonderful people from all over the world. They expand my horizons and make me want to jump on an airplane almost every day to visit the worlds they live in and write about. Summer vacation time is especially ripe for travel fantasy because I learn about amazing places– and about the fabulous food people eat while on retreat!

For example, TFCB author Deborah Kops and her family go to Belfast, Maine (photo at top), for a week or two almost every summer. Deborah reports that “it’s a beautiful town on the coast that absorbs tourists well. It feels unspoiled, even though the population grows noticeably in the summer. There is a restaurant and bakery called Chase’s Daily in town, and we go almost daily. The family that runs it has a small farm, and they sell their gorgeous produce in the back of the building. In the summer, everything on the menu is based on their veggies.”

Below are photos that Deborah took of some of the gorgeous food at Chase’s on this summer’s visit.

cipollini onions from Chase's Cipollini onions

zucchini from Chase's Zucchini

zucchini tart from Chase's Zucchini tartlet (with tallegio cheese, marjoram, and garlic)

Don’t you want to get on a plane to Belfast, Maine, right now?

Check in next week for more from TFCB!

(Photos: top,; video clip,; all others courtesy of Deborah Kops)