I Write Like, the Sequel

By Carol Hinz
Editorial Director, Millbrook Press

I am trying to forgive Greg for blogging about the website I Write Like before I had a chance to get to it. I can totally come up with another topic for a blog post on the spur of the moment. No hard feelings, though, really.

Moving on . . . what I really want to talk about is who some of Millbrook’s authors write like. I took excerpts from some of our brand-new fall books, and here are the results.8818In Enrique Esparza and the Battle of the Alamo, Susan Taylor Brown writes like James Joyce.8968In Score! The Action and Artistry of Hockey’s Magnificent Moment, Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy write like David Foster Wallace.9871In Green Beans, Potatoes, and Even Tomatoes: What Is in the Vegetables Group?, Brian P. Cleary writes like Margaret Atwood.Journey_CIn Journey into the Deep: Discovering New Ocean Creatures, Rebecca L. Johnson writes like Arthur C. Clarke.

So do these authors really write in the style of these writers? I guess you’ll just have to get your hands on copies of these books and decide for yourself!