Brian P. Cleary: Chocolate Is Not a Food Group

Brian P. Cleary shares the story behind his newest book series!

Brian Cleary Signing Books2Considering that “reservations” is my favorite thing to make for dinner, I had quite a challenge on my hands when I was asked to author a brand-new series teaching the basics of the food pyramid, called Food Is CATegorical™, featuring the signature funny felines from my earlier CATegorical sets of books.

First off, I was shocked to find that “chocolate” is NOT a food group! I had much to learn before I could set that newly-gained 9871knowledge to rhymed verse in this 7-book series. Luckily, Lerner Publishing Group hired a nutrition consultant (from the world-famous Mayo Clinic, no less!) to spoon-feed me the highlights, making the book as curricular as it is playful and engaging. One reader called it “pithy, punny, rhyming genius.” (Of course, my mom has always been proud of my work.)

And, since learning is not a linear experience, my website has been updated with FREE interactive games and activities that take the tedium out of food groups, physical activity, and the food pyramid. Sort of, “celebrating nutrition through knowledge.”Run and Hike cover

I signed a set of books at the American Library Association annual conference in Washington, D.C., late last month. At the show, I also got the chance to meet with some of my readers and to say “hello” to several librarians who have hosted me for school visits, which is always nice.

For the next seven weeks, I will be giving away free signed books from my new Food Is CATegorical™ series. For a chance to win a book, simply become a fan of my Facebook page and leave a note on my wall telling me your favorite thing about my books or my website. One lucky winner will win a book each week!

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