GU Comics Day: Talking with artist Ann Timmons

Graphic Myths & Legends; Piglingby Erin Finnegan, NY editorial intern

This week I interviewed Anne Timmons, the illustrator of our version of Pigling, as told by Dan Jolley. It’s part of our Graphic Myths and Legends series.

It turns out Anne is the prolific illustrator behind loads of fun-looking graphic novels! Hopefully we can get her to do another book for Lerner in the near future.

Here is my interview:

What computer programs and/or what kind of pens, pencils and brushes do you use?

I generally draw with Staedtler Mars F lead pencils. I draw over my pencils with Windsor Newton # 7 and ink with Black Magic Ink.

I color my work with Photoshop CS3 and a Wacom Tablet. I recently picked up Manga Studio and am currently experimenting with it.

What music do our you listen to while drawing? It can be a genre or specific bands or songs?

Soundtracks when I’m working. My favorites are any music by Leonard Bernstein, Jerry Goldsmith, Michael Giacchino, and James Horner. I also listen to old radio show podcasts. Mostly movie performances on Lux Radio Theatre.

What are your favorite comics right now, either online or in print?

I am really interested in literature/historical graphic novels. Anything with costumes!!!! I recently got a copy of “The Arrival” by Shaun Tan. I love the drawings. I am also a big fan of older comics, mostly work done by Curt Swan and Hal Foster.

What comics did you read growing up?

Mostly Archie Comics and Harvey Comics. I really liked Winnie Winkle and Apt 3G because I was so thrilled to see what clothes the women were wearing!

Did you go to college for art and/or comics, or something else? Which college?

I have a Bachelor of Fine arts from Oregon State University in Visual Arts. I also attended Pacific Northwest College of Art for two terms in Comic Book Storytelling taught by my friend, Aaron Lopresti.

What is the next convention you plan to go to?

Hope to check out Stumptown Comics in Portland Oregon. I went to it a couple of years ago and saw some truly fine work! Portland is a Comic Arts town! It’s always fun to see my friends there , too.

What is your favorite comics convention?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a con but I really had a great time at Wondercon in Oakland, CA

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