Why Is Fuse#8 screaming?

Well, I’ll let Carol Hinz give you the full story later, but suffice it to say that Betsy’s impressive shriek has something to do with Lerner’s first-ever NYC BEA preview event last Monday. Full video to come.

(My last post was besmirched by typos I will shamelessly blame on BEA prep. Today’s will be a scattershot affair, and I’ll foist responsibility for that on BEA fallout. You’ll forgive me, I’m sure.)

The preview and Book Expo added up to a great week, and all the LPG imprints had a lot to be proud of and imageexcited about. I know I experienced no small amount of relief to see this little F&G proudly propped up on a table at the Javitz. And I think author Steve Brezenoff is probably glad to see his Q & A with me and signing at the show in his rearview mirror. Check out his blog for his full BEA recap.

Congratulations to all the authors whose books made the LPG booth such an exciting place.