The merciful beauty of books

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It’s the week before BEA, and I’m bat-guano crazy right now. But the book gods take pity on poor bookmakers and send us shiny new books when we need them most. Yesterday, |-1| came in and my copy got swept away before I could shoot it. I was able to pin down today’s gift from above, Blythe Woolston’s The Freak Observer:


And this one is concealing something beneath its jacket:


I adore the attention to detail our designers have showed in the three Lab novels for fall. They’re designs worthy of the texts they contain.

Free copy of The Freak Observer for the first commenter to correctly identify the little fellow on the cover beneath the jacket. If I ever get a tattoo, that’s going to be it.

* Train wreck sentence corrected. Doesn’t anyone edit this thing?