National Poetry Month

By Domenica Di Piazza, Editorial Director, TFCB

April is National Poetry Month. This link offers lots of information about all the wonderful events taking place this month to celebrate poetry. You can even sign up for the Poem-a-Day feature, which emails a poem to you every day. The link above gives a sampling of what’s been in the works so far.

One of my favorite poets is Andrew Marvell. He was one of those 17th-century English metaphysical poets, and I love a poem he wrote called “The Garden.” Here’s my favorite stanza:

What wondrous life is this I lead!

Ripe apples drop about my head;

The luscious clusters of the vine

Upon my mouth do crush their wine;

The nectarine, and curious peach,

Into my hands themselves do reach;

Stumbling on melons, as I pass,

Ensnared with flow’rs, I fall on grass.

To me, this is the perfect verse to celebrate life and to welcome spring. (For the full text of “The Garden,” visit this link.)

Be sure to check back on April 29, 2010,when we at Lerner will do a group blog in honor of “Poem in Your Pocket Day.” And check in next week for more from TFCB!