Spring has sprung.

How can I tell? It’s not the rivers of mud or the crocuses. It’s our shiny new imprint, Carolrhoda Lab:


Allow me a moment of inarticulate glee and giddiness about this announcement. It’s no secret how important YA is to me, both as an art form and as a part of an important conversation about  our culture. I am so excited to be able to cast this new line into that teeming stream with Blythe, Steve, and Ilsa.   

When I was imagining writing this post, I was thinking about that stock phrase in press releases: “For immediate release.” Man, that is true in more ways than one. We’ve been working on Lab for a  long time, and now that it’s official, the release is indeed immediate. Sadly, I didn’t coordinate my desire to make a pun with Lindsay, so I see that phrase isn’t there. Ah well. True all the same. Launching something like this is a large amount of work for a lot of dedicated people, not least the authors who’ve put their faith in the new thing. So to all involved, I say thanks and bring on the books.

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