GU Comics Day: Shining a spotlight on: Court Huddleston

by Erin Finnegan, NY editorial intern

Shipwrecked on Mad IslandContinuing bravely on with Artist Spotlights, this week I interviewed Courtney Huddleston, the illustrator of Twisted Journeys #11, Shipwrecked on Mad Island, as well as the upcoming Twisted Journeys #18 (title TBA).

What computer programs and/or what kind of pens, pencils and brushes do you use?

I mainly use Photoshop with anything that do by computer. As for my art supplies, I use a nonreproductive blue line pencil to lay out the pages. I use the Staedtler 980 2h to pencil the pages. And as for inks, I use Pigma pens and Hunt 102 quills to ink.

What music (if any) do you listen to while drawing?

I actually prefer to have movies on while I draw. But when I do listen to music while I draw, it tends to be either Classical or 80’s music.

What are your favorite comics right now, either online or in print?

I tend to only pick up graphic novels these days. I’m really into “The Walking Dead” and “Chew” by Image comics.

What comics did you read growing up?

I read all of the classics such as Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Ironman and the likes. I was much more a fan of Marvel than DC as a child.

Did you go to college for art and/or comics, or something else?

I wanted to go to Savannah School of Art but was lucky enough to land several jobs before it ever got to that point. I’ve been illustrating nonstop since then.

What is the next convention you plan to go to?

I will definitely be at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

What is your favorite comics convention?

San Diego Comic-Con is my favorite by far.