Bologna Briefly (And Late!)

Actually, I’m in Amsterdam, having left Bologna this morning at the uncivilized hour of 6:50. I’d planned to blog after dinner last night, but I should know better. You see, “after dinner” at the book fair is no earlier than 11:00 and last night it was much later. (Before you have visions of Bolognese bacchanalia, allow me to disappoint you. This was a very civilized, pleasant dinner with some Japanese colleagues who have a long association with Lerner. The food was excellent.)

Anyway, it was an exciting fair, and I’ll have a lot to go over in the next couple weeks. (And I certainly agree with reports about the Emerald Atlas buzz. It was as unavoidable, though occasionally amusingly inaccurate.) Since I’m running short on time, I hope a few pictures in no particular order will suffice for now: