Paris Fashion Week

By Domenica Di Piazza, Editorial Director, TFCB

Coco Chanel dress Paris Fashion Week 2010 wrapped up last Thursday (January 28, 2010). The spring and summer collections for 2010 were on display, and according to Cathy Horyn—the New York Times’s fashion critic—Chanel was the big hit. Check out Ms Horyn’s On the Runway blog for detailed coverage and great photos from the big week of fashion.

You might also want to take a look at Style Rookie, the fashion blog of Tavi Gevinson, a thirteen-year-old Chicagoan who has been getting a lot of attention lately for her amazing fashion blog. She even has a Wikipedia entry (follow the link above)! Tavi went to Paris for Fashion Week this year and has posted great photos and blog commentary from that trip. Fun to contrast her take with Cathy Horyn’s.

You can learn more about American fashion in two of our TFCB series: Images and Issues of Women in the Twentieth Century and The Decades of Twentieth-Century America. These two series for YA readers offer lots of good information about twentieth-century American culture—including fashion–complete with great imagery. And the photo above is of none other than, you guessed it, a Coco Chanel dress from the late 1920s (from America in the 1920s)!

Check in next week for more from TFCB!

(Photo credit: The Granger Collection, New York)