Econ 101 Goes Rap

By Domenica Di Piazza, Editorial Director, TFCB

Andrew, my office neighbor and editorial colleague, sends me links to wonderfully ingenious videos. This latest one is a rap video in which twentieth-century economic gurus John Maynard Keynes (played by Billy Scarfuri) and F. A. Hayek (played by Adam Lustick ) duke out—rap style–the economics of boom-and-bust cycles. It’s part of National Public Radio’s multimedia Planet Money blog, which covers the global economy.

The rap approach to economics is a creative way to explain dense concepts, and this particular video also carries a message about physical sobriety. I once edited sobriety books and videos for young adults at Hazelden Publishing (the publishing arm of the renowned addiction treatment center just north of Minneapolis), so I recognized the message right away.

And why not tackle economics and healthy living all in one go? Those of us in education call this an interdisciplinary approach to learning. It’s fun, and we tend to remember things better when they’re knit into a web of related ideas.

Check back next week for more from TFCB! (And thank you for the video links, Andrew.)