Six Questions for Sandy Donovan

By Sara Hoffmann
Senior Editor

In my last post, I wrote about Is That a Fact? (cover pictured)—a Spring ’10 Lerner series that sets out to answer some puzzling, offbeat, and sometimes silly questions, such as: Can you cure nighttime leg cramps by sleeping with a bar of soap? and Is it possible to swing 360 degrees on a swing set?

Today, I’m turning the spotlight on Sandy Donovan, one of the authors of the series. And in the spirit of Is That a Fact?, I’m asking her some questions about herself that are puzzling, offbeat, and sometimes silly. Here goes:

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Mmm, I could write a book about this. Here’s the short answer: When I’m in the mood for something substantial, I go for Rocky Road or chocolate peanut butter. For a lighter snack, I might stick to your basic soft-serve vanilla. And for an after-dinner treat, my definite favorite is a scoop (or three) of a smooth mocha chip. With just a little whipped cream on top.

What kind of toothpaste do you use?
I use that mint kind that comes in its own stand, and you press the top to dispense the paste. But it’s too big to carry on vacation, so then I usually end up suffering through my kids’ Silly Strawberry—or even worse, Batman Bubble Gum.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Morning, without a doubt. I’m too tired to think straight by 8 pm, but I like to get up at 5 am to work.

Do you say “tissue” or “Kleenex?”

I always say tissue. But my family says Kleenex.

Do you refrigerate your peanut butter or keep it in your pantry?
Summer = refrigerate; winter = pantry

What’s the strangest thing you learned while researching Is That a Fact?

The strangest thing I learned is that there’s an urban legend out there that says we swallow an average of four live spiders each year while we’re sleeping. I was really glad I’d never heard this legend before I knew it was false. I have enough to worry about without adding the possibility of arachnids sliding down my throat.

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  1. Donna Reeve

    I love these types of fact or fiction books. (It's a variation of my writing specialty.) Glad to know the spider one is false 😉
    Sounds like a fabulous series.

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