GU Comics Day: Shining a spotlight on: Matt Wendt

Twisted Journeys #02 Escape from Pyramid Xby Erin Finnegan, editorial intern

Continuing bravely on, I have a third artist spotlight. This time it’s Matt Wendt, the artist behind some of our Twisted Journeys series, including the reoccurring character Agent Mongoose.

Q. What computer programs and/or what kind of pens, pencils and brushes do you use?

A. I’m one of those old-school pencil and pen artists. I do work in computers occasionally but only on personal and self-published projects. I work Mostly with Pencil for drawing. I generally use an F lead which is lighter but also more smudge resistant. When I ink I use Micron pens and Faber-Castell PITT artist pens. For Computer Programs, I use Adobe Photoshop mainly but am learning to use Adobe Illustrator as well. My wife and I do have a Wacom Cintiq tablet but I’m still getting used to it. Technology can be intimidating.

Q. What music do our you listen to while drawing?

A. I listen to a wide variety of music when I draw. If I had to pick one genre that was dominant in my playlists, I have to say Punk/Pop punk and Ska. But lately, I have my I-pod on random so it’s all over the map.

Twisted Journeys #08 Alien Incident on Planet JQ. What are your favorite comics right now, either online or in print?

A. I enjoy a grab-bag of comics at any given time. Sometimes I just like the art, other times it’s mostly the story but It’s really cool when it’s both. I can be somewhat finicky these days. I enjoy anything by Artist/Writer/Video game creator, Doug TenNapel. He has a fun art style and his stories are a wild ride. I also enjoyed Vertigo comics 100 BULLETS written by Brian Azzerello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso. The art style is unique and expressive and the writing is fantastic. Another good book is “THE RIDE” by 12-Gauge Comics. The artist/writer teams change alot but the stories are always awesome and they all have to have the same car in them. CHUMBLE SPUZZ is a fun Book by a great artist and hilarious writer, Ethan Nicolle and published through Slave Labor Graphics. If you enjoy twisted humor, you’ll enjoy Ethan’s work.

Q. What comics did you read growing up?

A. Spiderman, GI JOE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-men, W.I.L.D Cats, Gen 13, Iron Man, Bat-man, Scud the Disposable Assassin, Tank Girl, Savage Dragon, Bone, and many other titles. I worked in a Comic book store for a time in high school and did a lot of reading when business was slow.

Q. Did you go to college for art and/or comics, or something else? Which college?

A. I’m pretty much a self-taught artist. I like to say I “got my knowledge from the streets”… It makes me sound tough. I learned mostly from trial and error and by drawing constantly. I studied the techniques of other artists I admired and added the things I learned from them to my arsenal of art abilities. As I got older I learned by having professional artists critique my are at comic conventions. When they gave pointers and tips, I listened and applied them to my own work. You never stop learning new skills as an artist. I am in a constant state of growth.

Q. What is the next convention you plan to go to?

A. I’m looking forward to the Minnesota MNCBA Spring Con in April and possibly A-CEN in Chicago in the spring.

Q. What is your favorite comics convention?

A. The MNCBA Fallcon at the Minnesota State Fair grounds in October. They always treat me extremely well and put on a great show with an emphasis on the talent over the dealers.

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