Adj. (15th c.) – established beyond doubt or dispute. See also, Walker, Sally and Carlson, Nancy.

It’s my great privilege to have worked with many people who can wear the adjective “accomplished,” but this week Sally and Nancy have worn it particularly prominently.

We recently got word that Sally Walker’s latest book, Written in Bone, is one of the five books nominated for YALSA’s new Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Award. Sally is the proud owner of a pile of awards, including a Sibert, and a galaxy of starred reviews. This is another feather in her well-stocked cap.

We also received word that Nancy Carlson, whoseNancy Carlson Picture Books association with Carolrhoda dates back longer than perhaps any other active author, has won the Kerlan Award, bestowed annually by The Kerlan Collection, one of the foremost repositories for knowledge about the history of children’s books in the world. The award is for “singular attainments in the creation of children’s literature.”

Congratulations Sally and Nancy. You make us all proud.