Going Batty

By Sara Hoffmann
Senior Editor

Are you ready for Halloween? Today’s post should get you in the spirit! It’s a smattering of facts about bats that I found while doing some research for Let’s Look at Bats (cover pictured).

Now, if you’re anything like me, you might think bats are kind of creepy. But my research convinced me that these much-maligned critters can actually be pretty appealing. For example, did you know that:

• Bats are really clean, and they lick their fur to groom themselves—just like cats.

• Bats are gentle and very timid; as long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.

• Vampire bats help each other out. If a vampire bat calls out in distress, others of its species will fly to its aid.

• Some baby bats ride on their mothers’ backs—a lot like a kid getting a piggyback ride.

• Bats that live in zoos learn to recognize their handlers. They’ll come when called and lick their handlers’ hands to show affection.

• Some bats have adorable faces. Don’t believe it? Click here to see the proof!