Week of Grossness—Day 5: Eyeball Cupcakes for Everyone

By Carol Hinz
Editorial Director, Millbrook Press

Well, what a week. We’ve expanded our vocabulary, gotten up close and personal with a mosquito, delved into some disgusting photo research, learned how to draw a grumpy virus, and kicked off a very germy drawing contest. So what now? Let’s celebrate! What could be more appropriate than a pan of good, old-fashioned eyeball cupcakes?

eyeball cakes 1

What’s that? You’ve never had an eyeball cupcake before? Well, don’t worry, they’re delicious! Here . . . take a closer look:

eyeball cakes 4

Now I suppose you’ll tell me that this is the Internet, and licking your computer screen just isn’t the same as eating a cupcake. Okay, then, I suppose I could tell you how to make your own.

Step 1: Bake a batch of chocolate cupcakes. I used this recipe, but use whatever recipe or cake mix you like best.

Step 2: While the cupcakes are cooling, make some frosting. (Or buy some frosting that’s ready to use.) Here is my favorite recipe. I made the white frosting and the chocolate variation. I added ridiculous amounts of red food coloring to the chocolate frosting to get the red color.

Step 3: Frost the cupcakes with a layer of white frosting. Refrigerate the cupcakes 20 minutes or so. This will allow the frosting to set, giving you a stable surface for your next layers.

Step 4: Add a glob of chocolate (or white frosting tinted green, blue, or any other color) to the middle of each cupcake for the iris. Then add a Junior Mint for the pupil.

Step 5: Put your red frosting in a plastic food storage bag and snip off a tiny bit of the corner. (Or use a real pastry bag with a fine tip.) Add veins for a beautiful bloodshot effect.

Step 6: Throw your very own gross party! eyeball amelia Here is Amelia LeBarron, the skilled designer of the Gross Body Science series, enjoying her eyeball cupcakes!