Fashion Calls

I love fashion, always have. My favorite fashion blog these days is On the Runway by New York Times fashion columnist Cathy Horyn. Shortly after the inauguration of President Obama this year, Horyn posted a great series about First Lady Michelle Obama and her impact on the fashion world. Unlike a lot of fashion blogs, Horyn’s is truly informative as well as fun, staying way clear of the single focus beauty tip approach and instead analyzing trends, discussing important designers and fashion personalities, and sharing information about exhibits, shows, and other events that touch on fashion.

TFCB loves fashion too. For example, Dressed for the Occasion in our long-running People’s History series earned a starred review from School Library Journal in the late ‘90s for its overview of three hundred years of American fashion.

Our more recent Images and Issues of Women in the Twentieth Century series from Fall 2007 looks at the way media shapes the idea of American womanhood and offers some fabulous fashion photography along the way. I’m endlessly fascinated with the flapper look—who can resist those cloche hats and Cantilever shoes (right)?

In this fall’s Decades of Twentieth-Century America series, TFCB casts an even wider net to look at media as well as each era’s politics, economy, family life, social trends, arts, inventions, sports and recreation, and much more—including American fashion. Any of you out there remember hot pants? Or what about three-piece leisure suits? (Spread below from America in the 1970s.) I better stop now before I give away my age!

Check in next week for more from TFCB.