GU Comics Day: Meeting and Greeting

Other folks on the blog have talked about how nice it is to meet authors and artists at conventions and elsewhere, to get a chance to attach an actual person to the pixels. Since the Graphic Universe office is here in Manhattan, there tend to be extra opportunities to invite authors and artists in for a visit, if they live nearby or are passing through on vacation. Sometimes they invite themselves (perhaps to make sure their editor isn’t too much of a wild-eyed maniac, in which case I make sure to behave myself at least for the extent of the visit). There’s always that lovely moment when they ask, “Where exactly is 350 Fifth Avenue?” and I get to reply, “Just come to the Empire State Building, and turn up seventy-two floors.”

I thought I’d share a few views from my office window (yes, I took the photos with my shiny new iPhone). Occasionally a peregrine falcon perches outside the window, but we haven’t managed to get a photo of it yet. Mostly, we have ambitious pigeons. And fabulous views.

The south tip of Manhattan, including the Flatiron Building:

Manhattan in the evening. You can see Brooklyn if you squint:

The Hudson River, Lady Liberty, and Hoboken, New Jersey:

Fifth Avenue at night. I work very late sometimes, but at least I have a bejewelled city to survey: