Going to the Dogs

Friday is usually Lerner Imprint Day on our blog, and I have to say, I’m pretty excited to dedicate this week’s Lerner post to one of my favorite new series in the imprint—The Best Dogs Ever. That’s right. Today our blog is going to the dogs. (Sorry. I just couldn’t stop myself.)

One of the things that makes a series fun to edit is the topic. And what topic could be more fun than dogs? From studying different breeds on http://www.akc.org to reading up on what it really takes to be a dog owner, I enjoyed every minute of my research for the series.

Reviewing photo selections for the books was no hardship either. I mean, just look at the puppy face on this spread from Beagles Are the Best!. Who could resist it?


Another thing I enjoyed were the very early stages of working on the books. I co-developed the Dogs titles with talented Lerner author Elaine Landau, and the two of us exchanged multiple emails on topics ranging from chapter organization to sidebar content to the series’ use of b-heads (our name for the playful subheadings you’ll see sprinkled throughout the books).

I began work on The Best Dogs Ever in the spring of 2007. Looking back, I realize it’s been quite a while since I first delved into the world of dogs. When you’re working on a series you love, the months and years of work seem to fly by.

Check back next Friday, when Elaine will share her perspective on writing and shaping the Dogs titles.