Elaine Landau on The Best Dogs Ever

As a life-long dog lover, I was quite excited to research and write a series on my four-legged best friends. For years, my dogs have sat faithfully at my side as I write at my computer. Now I had a chance to learn even more about my furry writing companions. What a dream assignment!

These books took me on a more-than-yearlong journey into the world of America’s favorite dog breeds. I spoke to vets, dog breeders, trainers, and even a few dog show judges. There were some moments when I held my breath in anticipation. We’d decided on doing a book on the Portuguese water dog. Then the first family announced that they were getting one. I waited anxiously for beautiful Bo Obama to arrive at the White House. After all, I couldn’t leave out the nation’s first dog!

With the help of my outstanding editor Sara Hoffmann, along with a team of other talented Lerner professionals, I’ve hopefully created a series with eye-catching, full-color photos; informative writing; and a striking design. Each book is devoted to a different breed and describes its physical characteristics and personality traits. There are instructions for caring for a canine along with a list of names any pooch would be proud to answer to. Yet the most valuable feature of this series may be the chapters that let young readers see if the dog they want is a good match for them. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading these books as much as I enjoyed writing them. Happy reading!