Visual Geography Series: Staying Current

Helping our readers stay tuned to and informed about current events is one of the key missions of the TFCB imprint. And with world events changing so rapidly, we’ve created some digital tools to help. One of these is the Visual Geography Series (VGS) website, offering users a wide range of free materials. These include downloadable maps, flag imagery, and photos. There are also tabs along the banner with tips to help report writers create a solid outline, a strong bibliography, and an authoritative report about their country.

The VGS site also offers informative, safe links to reputable sites, where users can learn more about the geography, history, social customs, economy, and current events in any given country. Bookmark this site for easy reference!

The VGS website is a great way for students to compile information for report writing as well as for all of us to stay on top of breaking stories around the world. Want to know what’s behind the current unrest in Iran? Check out the tab for Iran on the VGS website. Or consider The Iranian Revolution, a title in TFCB’s Pivotal Moments series (cover above). This book provides key facts about the 1979 revolution in Iran, which fuels much of the debate in that country today. In this way, our print and digital offerings offer multiple entry points to access the information we need to understand our world.

Check out my post next week for more from TFCB.