Spreading the Good Word

Lindsay’s post yesterday got me thinking about my own favorite part of being a publicist. I’ve been sitting here cataloguing and filing our reviews for the month of June, which can be a tiny bit tedious. But along with that process, I get to notify authors of their reviews for the month. Almost instantly, my inbox will start filling up with little thank-you notes from authors and illustrators who are happy to see that their book is making its way in the world. It’s awfully gratifying.

It’s even more fun when I get to notify an author that his or her book has won an award. With that one piece of news, my job puts me in the position to make someone’s day. Maybe even someone’s whole week. And that makes me feel good about my day, too.

Now, that’s not to say that we publicists get to spend all of our time spreading joy and sunshine over the land. But sometimes that really is part of the job.

So, authors, if you happen to receive an e-mail about reviews from me shortly, I hope it manages to add a little extra cheer to your holiday weekend. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Spreading the Good Word

  1. Sharon aka Sapphire

    What a wonderful post! It must be a super feeling to give an author or illustrator such good news. I recently convinced one of my friends to enter a publisher's writing contest and she won the grand prize, which included having her book published. It was a great feeling for me to know I had a little part in her success.

  2. Sharon aka Sapphire

    Great post! It must be a super feeling to be a part of someone achieving their dream. I recenty had a small part in one of my critique group members' success. I encouraged her to enter a contest with a publishing house. She won the grand prize which included her book being published. It was a great feeling knowing I was involved in her first published book. I hope you are able to contact many more writers and illustrators with good news in 2009.

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